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From root canal to sealed tooth

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A root canal is a wonderful treatment to protect the teeth that is decayed or left its position due to some injury. Root canal treatment is used to protect and save the teeth from decay or being infected in anyway. This treatment is done when the nerve of the tooth got totally damaged that it can’t maintain the connection of the teeth with the skull. In this case root canal of the teeth is cut off from the teeth and tooth is preserved on its place. This treatment is quite painful; in fact people are of the view that this treatment as compared to teeth filling is not so much painful. It’s a big relief in reality because you original teeth are preserved for a long time, so what if it is can’t feel the hot and cold. The teeth in other words is dead but still in its original form.


What is dental pulp?

If we talk about the pulp what it is exactly? It is a soft area within the hub of the tooth. The tooth nerve that is considered the life line of the tooth lies in root canal. The root canals start from the tip of the tooth’s root and lasts to the pulp chamber, it consists of blood vessels and connective tissues that provide nourishment to the teeth. A tooth’s nerve is not so important for a tooth, Dentist Winnipeg is of the view that tooth is supported by gum. Root canal is a sensory organ of the tooth so its existence and non existence does not have any impact on the functionality of the tooth.


Why do the people need to be removed?

Then why do people remove Root canal, it is obvious when pulp got damaged it cracks from various positions that disturbs the pulp chamber. In this case bacteria can infect the pulp and inflammation and blister can hurt the tooth badly. The abscess can affect the tooth in such a way that it can harm the roots of the tooth. If such infection harms the root canal the following infection can harm the tooth,

  • Swelling can be seen over the face, neck and head
  • Your tooth may lose bone from the tip of the tooth
  • If it is of sever kind then it can extend out of the root.
  • A hole can be transpired from the tooth or from the skin and exert the fluid out of it just like a drainage.


So a tooth nerve and pulp got damaged, the nerve and tooth pulp might be inflamed o abscess,Dental Implants suggests it happens due to so many oral treatments, fillings or a crack in the tooth. Here are six signs of root canal that make you aware that you’re root canal is getting damaged.

  • The patient can feel toothache pain whenever he chew or put pressure to bite anything
  • Prolonged sensitivity hot and cold abnormality
  • Discoloration (tooth losing its original color)
  • Abscess in the adjacent gums
  • Sometimes people felt pimple on the gums
  • Sometimes it happens without any symptom

So in this case Cosmetic Dentist sealed the tooth, in case of any infection your dentist can put medicine inside the tooth to make it clear from any infection and then the tooth is sealed.


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