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How to motivate people for maintain oral health

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We find so many tips to maintain the oral health in different health magazines and websites. But do we really care of our teeth or we are just restricted only to go and get information. If this is the case then this information is zilch because you are no taking benefits of it. If I say your teeth health is not important for you then it would not be inadequate. People are ready to read only but not to act it is the great hindrance for maintaining dental health. They are interested to update themselves, only education and self-awareness is not the solution of this problem. Our major concern is to motivate the people to develop good eating habits. Although developing oral habits is quite difficult but not impossible. It’s a gradual process so don’t be reluctant.


Action is more important than education:

Brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing is the best remedy against all oral health troubles. Majority of the people brush their teeth once in a day. if you try to brush twice a day it’s not so difficult, at first start brushing after taking spicy meal or meal consists of starch and sugar. Such food is a source of increasing acidity in your mouth that causes bad smell so this stimulus is enough to motivate you to brush your teeth.


Flossing is essential to sustain the shape of teeth: Flossing is incredible for oral health, but to develop this habit is another big deal. The remaining particle of foods sticks to the gums and visible to the onlooker so flossing is inevitable. To avoid this embarrassment dentist Winnipeg recommends you to start flossing it will not take so much time. You need five minutes to clean your teeth from the remaining particles, flossing has a lot of benefits it minimize the chance of cavity. Say Good bye to bad smell:

Here comes the phenomenon of bad smell….how can you get rid of this of course if you do brush after meal or flossing you can’t face this trouble. But brushing before one hour after taking meal is recommended because immediate brushing can destroy the enamel of our teeth and flossing can only clear the teeth from remaining particle what about the germs and acidity left in the mouth? The solution of this problem is very simple in the eye of dental Winnipeg, use mouth wash or chew a sugar free mint gum to refresh your breath. It will immediately remove the bacteria and provide you ever fresh breath. Bad smell is not a big problem for you now.


Here is another alternate solution of this problem, people who are addicted of smoking experienced bad breath for them it is recommended to use mouth freshener that will immediately revive the fresh breath. Here is a variety of mouth freshener available in the markets choose the flavor of your own choice. People are habitual of spicy and junk foods that are disastrous for oral health. Certainly developing healthy eating habits is difficult for such people. But dentist in Winnipeg is of the view that developing good eating habits is a slow process, at first start taking hygienic food like salads and desserts made of vegetables and fruits. The addition of fresh juices in your diet is also beneficial. Always take healthy food, boiled and fresh vegetables with meat can really makes the difference in your health.

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