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Say bye to crooked teeth and misaligned bites

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We meet many people who have crooked, over lapping or twisted teeth. It is somehow mouth structure problem that we face every time. Some people have too small mouth that the teeth could not be adjusted and ultimately the mouth is overcrowded. In this case the teeth have to grow here and there which we call overlapped. This teeth shifting is only due to the improper size of the jaw, sometimes upper and lower jaw of the people does not have the same size that results in overhang of the upper and lower jaw that results in the extension of the teeth beyond the upper jaw.


Some of the Cosmetic Dentist suggests that crooked teeth are hereditary. Some of the other reasons to overbites or misaligned bites in women are due to early loss of baby or due to the growth of adult teeth. Sometimes teeth are crooked because these are not properly aligned like filling or crowns or gum disease, tumors in the mouth. Mostly crook teeth problem is very common among the children such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, prolong us of feeder, and the excess use of nipple are the very cause of crooked teeth.

Problems of crooked teeth:

Here are so many problems that can be caused due to crook teeth or misaligned bites. Children can’t even chew properly, sometimes these overlapped needs to be eradicated from the roots. In fact cleaning of teeth becomes more Interfere with proper chewing. Making teeth clean become a challenge for these people, if it is not done with care; it causes decay of teeth, cavities and gingivitis. Teeth twisting may increase the risk of tooth loss. It is the stress of teeth on jaws and muscles that can break the teeth. City Centre Dentistsuggests that people should have awareness about their teeth, so that they could keep their confidence maintained.

  • If your teeth are crooked then dentist implants suugest you so many solutions under the following conditions
  • If your teeth are not properly aligned
  • Not looking good on the face
  • Troublesome to chew or bite
  • Problem in speaking

Dentist suggestion:

It is suggested that you must visit dentist Winnipeg for Dental Implants for the treatment for your crooked teeth. At first stage orthodontist will take X-ray and photographs of the face. He will analyze the teeth impression what style of teeth suits you, article, slide show or tool. Your orthodontist will determine what treatment is required. The photographs will be taken to determine the condition and status of the teeth, jaws and head. After that a final impression of your teeth is taken on a soft material so that the dummy of your teeth should be like genuine.


How can it be treated?

Once a treatment is started, and you r teeth are diagnosed, it’s your dentist who can suggest you better suggestions. For some people a detachable retainer can fixed the position of the teeth. If you are facing the problem of overcrowding than removal of teeth one or two is better. Sometimes dentist suggest braces to fix the teeth. In extreme cases like overbite and underbite operation is required. This is how you can get rid of these complexities. For kids overlapped and crooked teeth are big problem so its needs to be treated wisely.

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