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Toothache an indication of severe dental problem

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Toothache, you might be leading towards tooth decay. Toothache is the sign that your teeth are not healthier. But why does it happen. What factors are responsible for toothache, certainly it is the question to ponder upon. Generally tooth infection, an injury or decay of tooth are the major causes of dental pain. Sometimes due to the extraction of a tooth, pain becomes unbearable for a person. Normally tooth pain occurs at jaw point or ear pain.


Bacterial infection:

Usually bacteria are the main cause of tooth sensitivity. Bacteria grow inside the mouth and cause plaque, gum disease that leads to tooth decay. Thus making tooth pain inevitable. Brushing, flossing and using the toothpaste with fluoride can prevent teeth from aching.


Causes of toothache:

Basically toothache begins due to inflammation of the tooth called pulp. The pulp consists of nerves that immediately respond to dental ache. Soreness of pulp occurs due to cavities and bacterial infection that can be felt by the entire jaw.


Toothache symptom:

Dental pain is the common problem but a serious one. In this situation your teeth could not bear the pressure and the level of sensitivity is also increased. The stimulus of hot and cold cause’s constant pain, the affect of stimulus lasts more than 15 seconds. With the passage of time, pain become unbearable, it can spread to the ear and can disturb the entire jaw. As long as the sensitivity increased, it will disturb the entire mouth. With dental pain patients can’t chew properly. Bleeding from gums and tooth becomes normal routine. Soreness of tooth and soreness of jaw can be expected in such conditions. Normally these symptoms are the indicators of tooth decay and gum disease. Redness around the gum line is the indicator that your tooth is getting sensitive. If you just hit on the affected tooth, the intensity of the pain can be felt by you. This indicates that your teeth are in danger and you are in need of Dental Implants Winnipeg.


Medical treatment for toothache:

Consult with your implant Dentistry Winnipeg immediately when you have the dental problem. Following are the symptoms when dental treatment becomes inevitable.

  • When pain killer prescribed by dentist does not work
  • Severe pain due to tooth extraction may cause a lot of trouble. This condition is called dry socket syndrome that needs immediate attention of dentist.
  • Swelling of gum may cause the swelling of face. Fever is another sign of dental infection. This fever indicates that due to infection tooth and gum are affected respectively. Such abscess required antibiotics and surgery inside the tooth then dentist recommends root canal treatment.
  • In case of injury, broken teeth need the attention of the dentist. Due to injury patients can bear the permanent loss of teeth. That’s why City Centre Dentists consider it dental emergency because adults has the fear of losing their secondary teeth.
  • Sometimes severe pain is felt when wisdom teeth is about to appear. The appearance of third molar causes irritation of the gum. The pain is so severe that it can be spread from the jaw to the ear. Due to swelling the jaw cannot be closed, in serious cases, pain in throat and mouth make it very difficult to chew and drink.

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