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Wisdom Teeth do you have it?

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Wisdom teeth is a third set of molars and every adult wait for this valuable teeth as so many myths are attached with the appearance of these teeth. There is common complaint with the appearance of wisdom teeth that a severe pain is felt into the whole mouth. The reason is this that the teeth are not properly aligned and ultimately needs the detachment.


When wisdom teeth are not properly fixed, it may place horizontally or may get away from the second molars. If the wisdom teeth are not properly aligned, then it can affect the adjacent teeth and jawbones or nerves. Wisdom teeth may get affected as they are confined in the soft tissue of the jaw bone. In this case the partly break through can happen. If the wisdom teeth are partly extracted it can cause infection as bacteria can easily enter the spaces around the tooth. That may cause pain, inflammation or jaw stiffness. Thus the tooth decay is unstoppable and inappropriate positioning can make difficult daily brushing and flossing.

How do you know you have wisdom teeth?

Majority of the people don’t know that they are getting wisdom teeth as they are not sure about the symptoms. Consult with your Cosmetic Dentist Winnipeg to have a look about the positioning of wisdom teeth. X-ray of the mouth cans teeth the right story how your wisdom teeth is aligned. Moreover shine dentist after a careful analysis can decide whether you should go to oral surgeon for more inspection.


It depends on the dentist whether he recommends you to extract the wisdom teeth to avoid further complication like pain and swellings. The extraction of wisdom teeth is less painful for young people as the teeth are not properly placed and bone is not solid. While in older people it will take a longer time in healing.

Is removal of wisdom teeth possible?

It depends on the position of wisdom teeth and its stage of development. Dentists in winnipeg can only then plan the removal of teeth. You dentist can better tell what type of suffering you come across and how your pre- removal inspection could be done. A wisdom tooth that is above the gum can easily be removed than any other tooth. On the other hand if the wisdom tooth is enclosed in the gum and connected with jawbone is required a cut in to the gums to extract the tooth. Sometimes the tooth that are enclosed into the gums required to be extract into pieces to minimize the risk of bone that needs to be removed to get the teeth out of it.


How removal of wisdom teeth is done?

Cosmetic dentist while removing the wisdom teeth make the surrounding tissues insensitive by using analgesic. The same medication that is used to insensate a tooth while filling the cavity. Sometimes with the consent of the patient and the dentist it may be decided to use some narcotics to control the pain more effectively. The sedating medications are available in many types like nitrous oxide, valium, intravenous that is infused via injection. If nitrous oxide is used then you can remain conscious while others medications can make you unconscious. After the removal of teeth, the healing process depends what type of extraction is done, if it is quite serious in that case bleeding ,swelling and pain can be expected.

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